The new app will be called Hallmark Movie Now.  The launch of the Hallmark Movie Now streaming service is the end of Feeln their old streaming service. Now Feeln will be merged into the new Hallmark Movie Now service and Feeln subscribers will be moved over to the new Hallmark Movie Now service.

The service will cost $5.99 a month, or $59.99 a year, and offer over 800 hours of family-friendly content not available on the current Hallmark channels.

HMN includes exclusive streaming-only movies and classic Hallmark Channel categories like Coming Home, Unbridled Hearts, Hallmark Hall of Fame, Best of Britain, and more.  Plus many hit Hallmark Channel shows like Heartland, Legacy, Family of New Moon, and more.

A 7 day free trial exists, the app is already on most app stores including most smart tv’s, and currently you can still use the feelin app too.

You can learn more at