It’s been a big week for DirecTV Now subscribers.  The week has brought many additions that make the streaming only service from DirecTV feel more well rounded in terms of channels available.

They added this week CBS, either your local channel or at least the on demand programming, CW with the same terms.  They also added more live NBC affiliates and got NBC on demand for those waiting on their local affiliate.

Now today they added Pop TV, which offers mostly popular syndication of older programs that are considered pop culture like 90210, as well as new programming like the growing hit Schitz Creek.

I have DirecTV Now for my “cable lineup” and it is pretty nice.  The price can’ be beat.  I get HBO, Cinemax, & Starz for less than what I would pay my cable co for HBO alone AND the $60 package has no fees of any kind and is considered the good package.  I would be paying $60 for 2 dvrs plus cable fees like broadcast and regional sports fees before selecting programming to pay for, so it’s safe to say I like the price tag for DirecTV Now versus cable.

When they get the new app with DVR expected in possibly days or weeks I may become a fan of the service.